Our services

Our High Performance Center provides a personalized comprehensive program of training and competence for athletes who aspire to play professionally or get an university scholarship

Training and development

We are working under the supervision of ITPA, International Tennis Performance Association, whose headquarters are in Marietta, Georgia, USA. Certifying our trainers and developingt the daily program of our players, resulting in a truly High Performance Tenis.

Social program

We encourage the health through sports to fight obesity, attracting the bigest number of players so that they can form postive life habits.

University scholarships

One of the leading proyects of Cancun Tennis Academy is that our students may be able to access to an university scholarship in the United States of America or Canada to make them continue developing their Tennis.

Tournaments and Events

We have the experience to implement logistics in the organization of tournaments and developing events of national and international stature.

Advertising & Sponsorships

We count on with the sponsorship and support of the sports brand, proudly Mexican, “PIRMA”. Because we know how is being well hydrous in trainings and matches, we are sponsored by “ELECTROLIT”, “Live hydrated” .