Comprehensive Privacy Notice

  1. “Responsible” for the treatment of your personal data. OPERADORA DE CANCUN, S.A. DE C.V or Cancun Tennis Academy (hereinafter the “responsible”) in accordance with the Federal Law on the protection of personal data in possession of individuals, is the “responsible” for the treatment of the personnel it collects from you, such as ” Proprietor “of them. This “comprehensive privacy notice” is the supplement to any other simplified or short privacy notices that the “responsible” has made available to you and which serves to inform you of the primary and secondary purposes for Your personal data.
  2. Address of “responsible”. In the Business Center Polanco, Torre “B” in street Laguna de Términos No. 221, Oficina 401, Col. Granada, Miguel Hidalgo delegation, Mexico City, zip code 11520.
  3. purposes of the treatment of personal data. The “responsible”, collects your personal information through various channels of obtaining, to perform any of the aforementioned purposes and for which he gave us his personal data:

(i) for the purchase of products and/or Internet services;

(ii) to send you by various means our promotions;

(iii) to advertise on social networks, media and information, newspapers and magazines;

(iv) To assess the quality of products and services, as well as to carry out satisfaction surveys;

(v) For marketing purposes, commercial prospecting and statistical and historical purposes. You may express your refusal regarding the processing of your personal data, within 5 working days after you gave your data, sending an email to the privacy department at the following address: where you will be informed of the procedure to be followed so that your data cease to be used for the purposes for which you do not want to be treated your personal data.

  1. Personal data collected. Depending on the purposes for which you give us your personal data, we will ask you the following categories: personal data of identification and contact, personal data and sensitive personal data, and of this last category Just about your health.
  2. Use of cookies and Web beacons. We inform you that this website has implemented SSL security locks, cookies and other tracking tools that you can see in the “Site Security” section on this page.
  3. Revocation of consent. In case you wish to revoke the consent you have given us for the treatment of your personal data, you will need to send an email to the privacy department: where you will be informed of the procedure to be followed, taking into consideration the type of relationship that you have brought with the person responsible for the treatment of your personal data.
  4. Limits to the use and/or disclosure of your personal data. To limit the use or disclosure of your personal data, it will be necessary to send an email to the privacy department: where you can apply to be included in the non-internal exclusion listings Contact for promotional purposes and marketing. Likewise, you can register in the public registry to avoid publicity of the Federal office of the consumer, accessing to the following league, if it requires limiting its use or disclosure for other purposes, it must send its Request to the quoted mail, where you will be informed of the procedure to follow, taking into consideration the type of relationship that you brought with the person responsible for the treatment of your personal data.
  5. Exercise of A.R.C.O. rights to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to your personal data, you must do so by sending an email to the Privacy Information Department at the following address: attching the following information and documents:
  6. Official identification in force
  7. Full name of the holder

Clear description of the personal data subject to the exercise of the right exerted. You must also fill in the format that will be sent to you by email.

You will have a reply by email, regarding the origin or not of the exercise of your right, within the next 20 business days of receiving your mail. Within 15 business days after the previous response, in the event that your right is coming, it will be applied.

  1. Transferencias.De conformity to article 37 of the Federal Law of protection of personal data in possession of the individuals, we could make a transfer of its national or international data, without that it is necessary his consent, to authorities Governmental, administrative and/or judicial, municipal, state or federal, subsidiary companies, subsidiaries, controllers or those belonging to the same group of companies operating under the same internal processes and policies, to authorities or private health services, merchants either natural or moral persons, to comply with any of the purposes set out in this privacy notice, including those necessary to comply with the Laws or that have been legally required to safeguard the public interest, for the prosecution or administration of justice, when necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process, when necessary for the Medical prevention or diagnosis, management and/or provision of health or medical services, where necessary or result from the obligations of a contract concluded or to be held, or finally, to provide maintenance or compliance to legal relations between titular and responsible.
  2. Changes to the privacy notice. This privacy notice may be amended and/or updated for a variety of reasons, including legal. Therefore, the “responsible” shall make available to the holder, the updated version of the privacy notice, on the website: